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TEABALLS - Eucalyptus | pure nature | 30-75 cups

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Try our new pure nature variety TEABALLS "Eucalyptus". Enjoy TEABALLS "Eucalyptus" individually according to your taste! Whether hot or cold, at home or on the go.

100% natural
Only the best from the plant. The special thing about Naturtrüb is, everything stays in the cup. After dissolving the beads, a sediment is formed that quickly settles, but can also be drunk without hesitation. In this way, all the ingredients are preserved and can develop their full effect.

Eucalyptus pure nature
It has a strong, slightly woody aroma and is particularly beneficial for the stomach and intestines, has an anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and soothing effect on colds and respiratory diseases. Sweeten eucalyptus, for example, with candy sugar or honey, so the tea tastes sweeter.


dissolve 2- 5 beads in boiling water (about 200ml), stir, let settle and ready! From one bottle, you can make about 30 - 75 cups of tea, depending on the dosage. The pure nature, natural sediment is drinkable.

Eucalyptus leaves

100 % natural



Eukalyptus blätter

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1-2 days in Germany, 2-4 days in European countries

100% natural without additives

Only the best from the plant

2-5 TEABALLS per cup

Dosage according to taste

Fits in any pocket

50 cups of tea always with you

BIO certified

Organic cultivation

Without sugar

Absolutely sugar free

Everywhere and anytime

Ideal for camping or travel

Fast delivery!

Through DHL


Absolutely vegan