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TEABALLS - Mint | BLACK SELECTION | 30-75 cups

TEABALLS - Mint | BLACK SELECTION | 30-75 cups

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It doesn't get more refreshing than this - with our mint TEABALLS!

With our new TEABALLS varieties create your ultimate cold drink for the summer. Thanks to the new recipe, TEABALLS now dissolve even faster and also dissolve excellently in cold water.
So now nothing stands in the way of a summer with countless drink recipes! You can also prepare milk drinks or cocktails. Ideal for children instead of sugary drinks! In addition, the TEABALLS can also be enjoyed perfectly as a lozenge.

Get the summer directly into your cup and enjoy the new tea innovation in an unprecedented variety.
Made on the basis of chamomile and hibiscus tea, many other advantages await you. Chamomile is particularly beneficial for the stomach and intestines and has an anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effect. In addition, the TEABALLS contain a natural sweetness due to the natural aroma, which means that we do not use conventional sugar.

Mint tea has an anti-inflammatory and calming effect. The tea can also alleviate cold symptoms, as well as help with abdominal pain and nausea due to its analgesic effect.

Still or sparkling waterWhether hot or cold, in a cocktail, for snacking or cooking - with TEABALLS your ideas are limitless. With TEABALLS you create your own tea pleasure in seconds, because they are dissolve in a short time - without infusion time!

Whether at home in the kitchen or on the go in your bag, our TEABALLS can accompany you anywhere.

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