How does the MYTEACOFFEE loyalty program work?

From now on you have the possibility to collect points with every purchase and then redeem them for purchases.


As a club member you will get the opportunity to unlock great extras and unlimited access to exclusive rewards.


Earn more points for different actions and exchange these points for great rewards!

Ways to earn points:

Register as a customer
50 points

Place an order
2 points for every €1 you spend

Share MYTEACOFFEE.COM on Facebook
50 points

Mark with "Like" on Facebook
50 points

Follow MYTEACOFFEE.COM on Instagram
50 points

Celebrate your birthday
200 points

Ways to redeem

Coupon for free shipping
500 points

Order discount
100 points = €1


Give your friends a reward and get your own reward when one of your friends buys something.

Your friend gets €3 discount coupon

You get
€3 discount coupon

Do i have to pay for the shipping costs?

Delivery is free of shipping costs from an order value of € 30.00 within Germany.

For deliveries below € 30.00 we charge a flat shipping rate of €4.90.

International deliveries are free of shipping costs from an order value of € 40.00.

For deliveries below € 40.00 we charge a shipping fee of €6.90

What are Teaballs anyway?

Teaballs are small pellets of pure tea or plant extracts. They are soluble in hot and cold water and contain no additives. Teaballs can also be used for cooking, baking, cocktails and the tea love in between.

What distinguishes Teaballs from soluble tea?

Teaballs consist of 100% plant extracts. They do not contain any additives. The extract content of soluble tea is only about 40%. It also contains sugar, dextrose, sweeteners, flavourings and/or stabilisers.

What are plant extracts?

Plant extracts are gently brewed fruits and plants from which the water is then removed, leaving only the purely natural powder.

What is the difference between Teaballs and the pure nature selection?

Our Teaballs Classic Selection consists of highly pure plant extracts and dissolves in water without leaving any residue. In the pure nature version, we press the pure organic or medicinal tea directly, so that when it dissolves, as with natural apple juice, a small sediment is produced, which is, however, drinkable. The pure nature version is particularly aromatic and sustainably produced (COâ‚‚ neutral, full utilisation of the plant) and dissolves particularly quickly.

Ideal for at home, in the store or on the go. Teaballs are calorie-free, sugar-free, vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free and suitable for diabetics.

But: What does pure nature actually mean?

pure nature means: only the best from the plant. And the special thing about it is that everything stays in the cup. After the balls have dissolved, a sediment is formed which quickly settles, but can also be drunk without hesitation. This way, you have all the ingredients that can develop their full effect.


Quality levels Of the pure nature collection

At the beginning of the development of our tea varieties, we asked ourselves what the difference between good and bad tea is. What does organic tea mean and what is special about medicinal teas? - We quickly noticed that the differences in quality of the raw materials used by the tea manufacturers are great and that the customer does not know what ends up in his cup.

Are there sample packs Of the different varieties?

Yes, our tea bag with 20 different pure nature varieties in sachet form. Try them out and get to know your favourite teas. You can enjoy up to 2 cups of tea from one sachet.

Can you test your products?

In a few cases, we give influencers the opportunity to test our products for free. In return, we receive advertising on their platform. For this to happen, however, a certain reach must be available and the target group must match. Please contact us at We would like to give each of you the opportunity to try Teaballs. But of course this is not possible for free. Therefore we ask for your understanding if we can only accept a few people.

How Do You Prepare Teaballs?

Take 2-4 Teaballs per cup, depending on your taste, and dissolve them in hot or cold water. Stirring speeds up the process, although it may take a little longer with cold water. Teaballs, by the way, can also be added to cocktail recipes. One dispenser contains 120 Teaballs, from which you can prepare 30-50 drinks. TIP for preparation with hot water: First put the Teaballs into the cup and only then add the steaming water. The steam can be drawn into the dispenser the other way round.

What is the shelf life Of Teaballs?

Once opened, they should be consumed within 3 months.

Why are Teaballs shipped With a protective cap?

The protective cap is your personal teaballs protection. It protects the small pressed extract balls from environmental influences such as moisture, air and sunlight. This means they last longer and retain their strong flavour! So - always put on the protective cap after use!
If you regularly carry Teaballs in your bag, the protective cap also protects them from powder spills and keeps your bag clean. Of course, we are always looking for an environmentally friendly alternative.